Getting unstuck by exploring your many parts
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Each petal of this turquoise plants stands for one part of the system.

Think of a moment when you were stuck. As you talked to a coach or a friend, you gained new insight into your stuckness, and with the liberating energy of this insight, you were able to do what it took to move toward your goal. Getting unstuck can be so easy!

However, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes you remain stuck.

Where in your life are you continuously struggling with something?

It could look like this: A part of you says “Yes” and another part of you says “No”. “Do it” and “Don’t”. It’s like a battle of two minds inside of you. You might even accept this deadlock as “the way it is”.

Through our own self-leadership development work, we’ve found that stuckness is a rich trailhead. It is the starting point of a deeper dive into our inner complexity as it leads us to the systemic forces that have us crave something, yet that also work to strongly prevent us from attaining this very goal.

You can unstuck your most intractable inner dynamics

One of the practices that we’ve introduced into our coaching is Parts Work, based on Dick Schwartz’s IFS (Internal Family Systems) model. It has led to great breakthroughs for clients who have a limiting belief that holds them back from living the life they want. Or who feel like a fraud as they climb up the career ladder. Or who cannot make a decision because of conflicting inner thoughts. IFS acknowledges that we all have multiple parts rather than a unified one person. And that when we befriend all of our parts, even the ones we struggle with, we access our inner calm, creative, and confident Self. And that’s a game changer, because now you’re able to navigate your inner complexity and to make choices from your calm, confident Self. In turn, you raise your leadership and your ability to deal with the growing complexity and uncertainty in our world.

We’re excited to take our Parts work coaching to a new level through a 6 months coaching training. Parts Work coaching brings the deep and lasting change you long for. It heals the old wounds which prevent you from reaching your full transformation. It helps you access the calm, confident, and creative Self that lives inside of you.

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