Team Coaching

What would take your
team to the next level?


Is your team clear on where it is going and aligned around how to get there?


Is your team wrestling with uncertainty and complexity?


Is your team having the difficult conversations it needs to have?


Is your team driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake?

Teams need to tend to different things at different times






Psychological Safety




Practices and

Processes to










The purpose of team coaching is to improve performance and processes in order to increase the team’s impact. This happens through reflection and dialogue.

Team coaching is bespoke. It starts with exploring where the team is and where it wants to be. The content of the coaching is to discover how to close the gap between the starting point and the destination. 

In our experience, many teams struggle with similar challenges. In response to that, we have developed a range of structured team coaching processes to support teams through these challenges.

All teams face the fundamental challenge of navigating high levels of complexity and uncertainty in a fast moving environment. Team coaching builds the capacity of your team to meet that challenge.

Our Team Coaching Offerings

Team Alignment

This team coaching process explores values, purpose and vision, engaging every team member.

This creates clarity, alignment, and commitment to who the team is, what it stands for, and what it will co-create, so that the team can move forward with confidence.

Team Detox

This team coaching process uncovers misunderstandings and assumptions. It creates a safe space for difficult conversations and conflict resolution.

This creates psychological safety, which allows team members to authentically relate to each other. It helps them understand how to better support each other.

Immunity to Change

This team coaching process explores what keeps the team from achieving a shared goal, for example innovating, attracting talent, or making decisions.

In conversation, the team uncovers its blind spots and hidden beliefs, and in the process, learns how to finally flip the switch and stop undermining itself.

Strategy Knotworking

This team coaching helps develop an agile and adaptive strategy in a dynamic, engaged manner, using constraints and uncertainty in a creative way.

The outcome is an iterative strategy. In the process, the team establishes practices that allow it to respond to change without reinventing the whole strategy.

We offer a high touch approach and co-create the coaching journey with you.

Two experienced facilitators lead your team through the experience, holding emotional space and providing an uncommon level of attention and quality.

This is what you can expect

  • We take time to listen to you and your key stakeholders to establish your unique needs and tailor our offerings to them.
  • We have 1:1 conversations with each participant prior to the team experience
  • Prework to prime participants for the conversation
  • Practices to embed a new culture
  • Post-workshop material to support lasting change

Our work together includes 1:1 coaching, self reflection, group exploration and active immersion into the experience.

Establishing a new culture takes time and commitment. In most contexts, a one off coaching or workshop will not lead to the desired results, and in fact, often creates more frustration.

Therefore, the real work starts before the workshop and continues after it, when new behaviours are practised, honed, and firmly embedded into the team.

This requires:


The leaders’ commitment to and participation in the process


Openness and curiosity


Your team’s time commitment to turn the learning into regular practices after the workshop

The more your team develops on the inside, the bigger its impact on the outside.

We support teams to collaborate effectively and to develop collective leadership.

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