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The #1 barrier to high performance in organisations is an outdated leadership model.


To meet the complex challenges of our time, you need to adapt your leadership.

We support you in doing just that.

Our mission is to help purpose driven organisations thrive in the marketplace.

When your people can lead from anywhere, you’ll have leadership everywhere.

What happens when you empower everyone to show up as a leader?

You get motivated people who take responsibility. Your team members engage in constructive conflict, and respond to change with agency.

Which means...


Teams get more done in less time


Market success is grounded in purpose and core values


The growing culture of co-creation has innovation soar

Great Place to Work

You’ve transformed your company culture.

We help your people choose leadership and do their best work in service of people, planet, and profit. 

Four ways to work with us

Build a company of leaders

Transform your organisation from top down leadership to collaborative leadership to unleash peak performance.

Individual support for leaders

Help your leaders cross their individual leadership edges, to create the results that matter for your business and the world.

Take your team to the next level

Raise awareness of team diversity and explore collaborative ways of working together to increase organisational impact.

Create change for a better world

Overcome the fear at the heart of resistance. Shift from change management to change collaboration to future proof your organisation.

Creating Connected Hybrid Teams Workshop: discover how it works


My challenge was to create meaningful connection during a virtual global conference, from a large group of people scattered around the world. Hopes were low that this could be as fun and as meaningful as past in-person gatherings.

Regina and Connor shifted my perspective to one of possibility, which was liberating and motivating.

They created a positive, creative “safe-space”, which turned out to be a breeding ground for innovative thinking.

Regina and Connor bring out the best in people and they do what they say they will do: connect, inspire and engage.

Head of Media Relations, Swiss Multinational Corporation


I needed specific content on climate leadership, particularly in areas of opportunity recognition and leading in times of uncertainty.

Choose Leadership created a highly effective and bespoke workshop.

Connor and Regina have a personal approach and dedicate considerable effort in making sure what they offer aligns fully with customer expectations. They go above and beyond what is required of them.

They are quick to make sense of complex situations, and work closely with clients to offer their expert guidance and insight.

Quentin Crowley, Associate Professor, Trinity College Dublin, and Director of Trinity Centre for the Environment