Choose Leadership!

Leadership is not a position.

It’s a choice.

A choice everyone gets to make in every moment.

Connor McDonough & Regina Vogel
Co-founders of Choose Leadership

Everyone’s a leader. And there are many ways to lead.

Our mission is to:

  • engender leadership throughout your organisation
  • create and unleash a culture of co-creation
  • increase productivity AND have a positive social and environmental impact


We help purpose driven organisations thrive by activating leadership in all of their employees.

Our Principles

Everyone is a leader.

Leaders take responsibility for their world.

There are many ways to lead.

Leadership happens in a conversation.

The system holds the answer.

Everyone needs to be seen and heard.

Everyone is creative.

Leaders grow leaders.

Leadership is learnt, not taught.

Regina Vogel, Ph.D., CPCC, ACC

Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Systemic Change Guide

What gets me out of bed every morning is a vision of large and small organisations turning into communities of purpose which create value and thrive in today’s disruptive market environments. Organisations play a pivotal role in the transformation towards a sustainable world. They need to align the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit. I help them build the leadership capacity to do that.

In service of a better world, everyone needs to step into their leadership. To enable and empower everyone to do that is at the core of Choose Leadership.

Regina Vogel

Connor McDonough

Connor McDonough, CPCC, ACC

Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Change Catalyst

After decades of management training, I realised that the world does not need more managers; it needs leaders who make a difference. I am inspired by a vision of purpose driven leaders collectively creating extraordinary results in an unpredictable and complex world. I support them to become more conscious about the choices they make, and to take fuller responsibility for their impact.

Leadership is embedded in dynamic relationships. When working with teams, I am a catalyst for them to have conversations that they can’t have anywhere else.

To transform organisations, everyone needs to step into their leadership. To enable everyone to do that is at the core of Choose Leadership.

Four ways to work with us

Build a company of leaders

Transform your organisation from top down leadership to collaborative leadership to unleash peak performance.

Individual support for leaders

Help your leaders cross their individual leadership edges, to create the results that matter for your business and the world.

Take your team to the next level

Raise awareness of team diversity and explore collaborative ways of working together to increase organisational impact.

Create change for a better world

Overcome the fear at the heart of resistance. Shift from change management to change collaboration to future proof your organisation.

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