Organisation Development

“How is it that we keep co-creating results that nobody wants?”

Bill O’Brien, Hanover Insurance

The world is becoming increasingly complex
while our minds are designed for a simpler one. 

Most people are trapped in their own perspective.

Everyone only sees part of the whole.

And if you only see part of the whole, your decisions will have unintended consequences — results that nobody wants.

Which leads to:

  • Resistance to change
  • A low initiative and low innovation culture
  • High turnover of talented people and low turnover of underperformers
  • The original problem remaining unsolved.

We help you shift from change management to change collaboration so that you can meet your complex challenges collectively


Harness the power of distributed
sense-making and decision-making


Identify better solutions to your challenges


Unleash ownership, participation and engagement

Today’s employee’s are creative and want to take ownership of their work

They are more skilled than ever before. And they are vocal about what motivates them to give their best for their organisation.

They want to make a difference.

Today’s employees want to:


Be seen and heard


Feel their contribution is valued


Be included in decision-making processes that affect them

To solve today’s comples problems, leaders don’t have to know all the answers.

You can harvest the collective intelligence and commitment of your organisation and turn that into creative collaboration.

The shortest path from A to B is not a straight line. It’s a U.

Presencing is a five-step process that involves bringing many voices of the system together in order to collaboratively work on a challenge:

  1. Co-Initiating: establish common intent
  2. Co-Sensing: become aware of the current reality and sense the system from the whole
  3. Presencing: step away from the task and be fully present in the moment, connecting to sources of inspiration to let new insights emerge
  4. Co-Creating: work together to explore what’s possible and desirable, using an experimenting, prototyping and testing approach
  5. Co-Evolving: implement the changes and continuously adapt and improve.

Working together in this way across organisational divisions and hierarchy creates trust. It takes pressure off leadership. It gives employees more agency. 

This is an agile method. It brings together the intelligences of the head, heart and hand. And it is engaging.

Whatever your challenge, by going through the U process you:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your current situation
  • Tap into your collective creativity and wisdom
  • Co-create innovative solutions
  • Achieve sustainable outcomes
  • Practise new ways of thinking to enhance creativity
  • Identify blind spots
  • Learn how to generate practical solutions to complex problems
  • Forge new partnerships and alliances
  • Cultivate the collective skill of listening
  • Enhance your ability to move through stuck situations

You co-create your future by sharing perspectives and making sense together, reflecting on opportunities, and creating experiments to move forward.

The collaborative U process helps you overcome the
fear at the heart of resistance.

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