Fun, Intimate Virtual Global Conference

My challenge was to create meaningful connection during a virtual global conference, from a large group of people scattered around the world. Hopes were low that this could be as fun and as meaningful as past in-person gatherings.

Regina and Connor shifted my perspective to one of possibility, which was liberating and motivating.

They created a positive, creative “safe-space”, which turned out to be a breeding ground for innovative thinking.

Regina and Connor bring out the best in people and they do what they say they will do: connect, inspire and engage.

Head of Media Relations, Swiss Multinational Corporation

Complexity Workshop that Worked

I needed specific content on climate leadership, particularly in areas of opportunity recognition and leading in times of uncertainty.

Choose Leadership created a highly effective and bespoke workshop.

Connor and Regina have a personal approach and dedicate considerable effort in making sure what they offer aligns fully with customer expectations. They go above and beyond what is required of them.

They are quick to make sense of complex situations, and work closely with clients to offer their expert guidance and insight.

Quentin Crowley, Associate Professor, Trinity College Dublin, and Director of Trinity Centre for the Environment

Connor brings a deep curiosity and listening to our work, asking provocative questions to enable me to build my leadership. He has helped me live my professional life purpose, while balancing the other roles in my life. I now approach my life choices with more clarity, confidence and intention.”

Dr. Maria Gallo, Founder, Keep In Touch Education, Ireland

“I knew I had to work with Connor. I gained confidence in my abilities and what I have to offer, and how best to contribute to my own success, as well as those around me. He has a wonderful way of getting you to see the world in a different light and understand what you really value!”

John Lowry, Project Director, Eirgrid Group, IrelandM

“When I started coaching, my challenge was to establish a new department from scratch in a global business environment. The scope and scale of the task was challenging. Regina supported me to choose how I wanted to be at work and outside of work. She brings a powerful presence to her coaching which allowed me to explore, discover, test and build my capability to show up fully as a leader in my organisation. My career has taken some amazing and surprising steps forward thanks to the coaching sessions. It took time and hard work to get to an outlook of “everything is possible”, but the results are palpable. I’m so thankful that I did it! I would recommend working with Regina with anyone who does not want to play small.”

Richard Cannane, Global Training & Development Manager at Trafigura

“My goal in coaching was to increase my effectiveness in communicating. Since the first coaching session, I have developed a strategy to identify the right level of complexity in the information I share with others. Having worked on my skills to read the emotions of my conversation partners, I am now better able to create realignment, when frustration is caused by different values, approaches, or too much information. I highly recommend coaching with Regina, because she has the talent to arouse emotions and to initiate personal change, whilst never putting me under pressure, but always supporting me in my own decisions. My effectiveness as a leader has increased. I now get that it’s about energy, not time management.”

Maximilian Kofler, Head Planning Anti Infectives, Novartis

“Even though I was clear on my purpose, I felt a little stuck, not knowing what steps I needed to take, and a little fearful. I felt alone and needed some support and encouragement. I also wanted to connect with others who were on a similar path.

The Purpose to Impact workshop revealed the beliefs that were limiting what I thought was possible and how choosing to tell myself a new story could open up the possibility for me to make a greater impact.

What shifted for me was fear: of standing alone, of making a mistake, of being rejected and of having my ideas rejected. (In the workshop, I became clear of the intensely limiting impact of this fear.) I also became aware of my deep sense of connection to my purpose and the physical and mental impact of living disconnected from it.

I also realised that I have a limited time on this earth. This inspired a sense of urgency in me to work more actively and determinedly towards fulfilling my purpose. I now prioritize this and manage my time accordingly.

From the moment I entered the room, I sensed the safe, supportive environment. Regina and Connor held the space with compassion which encouraged and allowed for reflection, discovery and movement.”

Siobhan Fitzgerald, Principal, English National School and Creator of the ‘LET’s Stand’ Programme

“Thank you for this hands-on learning experience. I really enjoyed it, and it came at such a perfect moment just as we were mentally transitioning to online for the longer run. I highly recommend it to those who want to play more with successful online interactions and managing meetings in a more dynamic manner. For me, it created a huge shift in mindset about working together online. I have used different elements from it many times, and still look back on my notes when I plan new things.“

Eleanor Saunders, Education and innovation specialist, designer, facilitator, and trainer, UK

“Regina and Connor are a great team who bring a wealth of experience, wisdom and passion to their work. They create a safe and inspirational space where participants are empowered and welcomed to tap into purpose and meaning in their lives.“

Michael Bieder, Leadership Coach, Switzerland

“I’ve been to a lot of online events in the past couple months, and this one was among the best planned and executed — and it was very useful to me. Thank you, Susie, Connor and Regina!”

Barb Bickford, Founder and Principal of Bickford Collaboration LLC, USA

“Thanks for a beautiful session. That was spot on. I was moved when I looked at the ecocycle planning printout with my sticky note art. To creative destruction, plowing and space!”

Ay Mey Lie, Owner at Studio Aprili, Netherlands


“I didn’t lose a saturday. I gained ways to live every day with a sense of who I am. Thank you!“

Michael Murray, Switzerland

“A safe environment to discover what is within you and how you can harness your innermost desires. I am not alone.”

Judith Cecilia Zwahlen, Head of Marketing at MoneyPark, Switzerland

“I learned a lot about the potential of engagement online and indeed sampling some strategies for online structured meetings. This opens great possibilities to travelling all the time, while still creating and fostering connection with teams. I look forward to your future sessions! Thank you!“

Dr. Maria Gallo, Founder KITE- Keep in Touch Education, Ireland

“What an excellent opportunity to engage with other professionals and utilise technology in a way that was actually inventive, engaging and productive. Bravo! More please.”

Richard Cannane, Global Training & Development Manager at Trafigura, Switzerland

“I found a safe space to imagine what I can do with the energy that I have been given.“

Elke Mittendorf, Principal Consultant at Trivadis AG, Switzerland