Are you a conceptual or an experimental innovator?
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Contrary to conventional wisdom, creativity peaks in the 20s and 50s. But not the same kind of creativity, researchers from Ohio State have found.
Einstein did his most groundbreaking work in his 20s, which are the peak time for light bulb moments – the type of creativity that makes Nobel prize winners. The researchers labeled this as “conceptual creativity”.
Newton did his most innovative work in his 50s, which is the peak time for experimental creativity. Experimental creators work from experience, tend towards trial and error and work at a slower pace.

There is no age limit to experimental creativity! It just continues on.

At Choose Leadership we have found the same:

Life experience points people over fifty to wildly inspiring ideas.

But most people don’t act on their great ideas, and ideas are worthless without action. So why the hesitation? In our coaching conversations and workshops, we often hear: “Who am I to…” or “I am sure that’s already done somewhere else.” or “Where to even start?”, or “Would there be resistance and ridicule?” Limiting beliefs prevent creative minds from acting on their urges at a great loss to society and planet, who frankly cannot wait for younger generations to sort out our mess.

We therefore need to understand what potential changemakers with solid life experience need to flourish – beyond the fundamental inner leader work that builds confidence, groundedness in values and purpose, and resilience.

If you are in your late forties, fifties and beyond: We invite you to a brief conversation about how you are, or would love to be, contributing to society and the environment in a positive way.

If you are hesitating: What idea are you not yet sharing with your friends, colleagues, and the world? What’s holding you back?
If you have already started to bring your idea into the world: What has got you here? What’s supporting you? And what challenges are you facing?

There is a swarm of people out there who burn to contribute to the greater good.

Thank you!

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