Where will the change come from?
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Our global society is, in Otto Scharmer’s words, “collectively creating results that nobody wants.”
As I scan the headlines of news stories this morning, that rings truer than ever. 
We live in a world driven by conscious and unconscious fear, fed by a constant diet of judgement, as Iyanla Vanzant pointed out during a session at the EFT Tapping World Summit. We react to that by trying to control our world, by trying to gain its approval, or by detaching from it. And we live this way from a place of robust unforgiveness: us versus them, right versus wrong, ‘with us’ versus ‘against us’.
But what can you do to change this?
There are actions you can take right now in service of demonstrating solidarity with those affected by  violence, discrimination, exploitative economic practices and environmental, nutritional, educational, medical and pharmaceutical neglect.
There are also concrete steps you can take to minimise or eliminate altogether the negative impact that we human beings have on each other around the world.
But all of that is pointless if you do not do the work to address the root causes which lead us to collectively creating results that nobody wants.
As a leader, you must do the work to develop a heart and mind at peace.
Peace must start with you before you can be at peace with others. This is a case of putting on your own oxygen mask first.
Where to start?
You could move from just signalling virtue on Facebook or Instagram to cultivating virtues and bringing compassion to your vices. So often we bring our judgement to our own shortcomings. That’s why you are afraid of what the world would think of you if they saw the real you. So you hide your shadow side and ostracise parts of yourself. You divide yourself internally and focus on concealing who you really are. In other words, you make yourself wrong.
And like mine, maybe your ego creates the delusion that your internal “sh*t show” is the biggest one around, so you live in terror of being found out. Is it any wonder our external world is so divided when we experience our internal lives thus dis-integrated?
Jerry Colona once described leadership development as the art of growing up – of truly becoming an adult – and not just in body but in heart and mind.
Growing up is about taking responsibility for your world.
You need to accept responsibility for being the leader you are.
Carl Jung once said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”
We each need to do our work, to see and accept ourselves as we are. And we need to bring that compassion for our own shadow to the world around us.
Only when we show up with humility, with compassionate and peaceful hearts, can we see and accept others as they are.
And only then can we start to collectively create the results that we all want.

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