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leadrship in pracitce: 3 questions

Most managers know WHY leadership is important. What they wrestle with is WHAT leadership looks like in the different situations they find themselves in, and then, HOW to lead in that moment.

My leadership style has been profoundly shaped by my experience of the Co-active Leadership Model.

I believe that leadership is relational. It happens in a conversation, and that requires other people.

Leadership is contextual. It is a response to the question “What is needed in this specific moment?”

You are always guided by your inner leadership vision, purpose, values, goals, and your stake, because leadership is always in service of something. 

Your critical choice is to get clear on your intention. Your intention guides your response to the situation you encounter. 

Ask yourself “What is my intention?”

Then you ACT.

Based on what you have done or said, or not done or not said, ask yourself “What’s my impact?”, i.e. “What was the consequence of my acting on my intention?”, “What’s different?”, “What’s the same?”,  “Did my leadership have the desired impact?” 

Either way, after this reflection you begin the cycle again by asking “What is needed in this moment?”

Rinse and repeat.

I work with leaders to support them to bring their leadership into their organisation. Reach out to me to start a conversation about how my coaching could support you to fully step into your leadership.

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