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Work With Us

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Are you stuck in creating what you want
for yourself,
your organisation,
your community?

When stuck, what is needed is to slow down and shift your attention from the desired outcome to what’s underneath the stuckness:

  • What are the real needs underneath the desire?

  • What values are driving these needs?

  • What purpose gives rise to your values?

  • What is the vision that flows from your purpose?

  • How can you connect and enrol others into your vision?

  • How will connection spark creativity?

  • How will creativity spur courageous action?

  • Courageous action delivers change.

We guide you in making that change a reality. 

Break the pattern: slow down to move faster.

We support purpose driven leaders and organisations through:

  • Leadership Coaching – raise your ability to create connection and direction with those you lead

  • Leadership Development – consulting, and experiential and durational learning to increase leadership capacity

  • Retreats for Meaning Seekers and Grounded Visionaries – durational retreat programme for leaders who want to change society and industry

  • Online Meetings, Workshops and Conferences – virtual purpose driven gatherings of 1 hour to 5 days