What blocks your organisation’s change
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Resistance to change is natural, but it doesn’t destine you to fail. Just take it as a natural part of your change initiative. It manifests itself at the various stages of your change initiative. And if you know the pattern and prepare for it, you can work with it.

Decades of research into organisations and individuals by Peter Senge, Robert Kegan, and others have shown:

What matters more than anything is your own response to resistance.

That’s great news, because it means that you have the key to unlocking that door of resistance. Moreover, leaders at all levels of your organisation can learn to work with the forces that generate or block change. And that work can unleash the culture change that you’re failing to bring about today!

Hybrid office, collaboration, innovation – where are you stuck?

The Immunity to Change process is one of processes we work with. And it’s powerful. It is a catalyser for getting unstuck and starting to change. It helps individuals who struggle to change their own behaviour. It helps boards who struggle with bringing about cultural change to their organisation. That might be the hybrid office, a more collaborative, or a more innovative culture.

When working with a Board, we find we first need to look inwards, which may seem counter intuitive to you. You want to look outwards, at “the problem”, but our experience shows that often part of the problem lies within. Then we first support a Board in uncovering its beliefs and mindsets. Therein lies the power:

If you want to create change, then you are the biggest influence for or against success. Your mindset effects how you go about the change. It also effects how others perceive you and your initiative. A huge possibility waits on the other side of doing this work: powerful and effective change leadership in your organisation.

You can become an effective change leadership team

You’ll stop sending confusing signals. You’ll be clear and consistent in your leadership. That will ripple into your team and organisation. Your change initiatives will look different. They will land and engage differently.

Are you struggling with organisation change right now? Get in touch with us for a conversation on the organisational change you seek. We’d love to help.

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