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Connor McDonough & Regina Vogel
Owners of Choose Leadership

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(p) Our mission is to:

  • engender leadership throughout your organisation
  • create and unleash a culture of co-creation
  • increase productivity AND have a positive social and environmental impact



Everyone of your managers faces a different growth edge to become a more effective leader.

Effective leaders master their inner game. They…


Stay grounded in purpose and values in the face of adversity


Consciously choose their response to emerging needs and opportunities in times of stress


Recover ever faster from being reactive to being creative


Help others do the same


Foster an environment of mutual appreciation, trust, and honesty

Which means that they can:


Build and maintain trusted relationships


Align others around compelling goals, anchored in purpose, vision, and values


Foster innovation and drive change


Lead themselves and others through adversity, uncertainty, and ambiguity


Deliver results.

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Sum up section. This summarises the concept of the service described above and offers final details.

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