Creating Connected Teams Webinar

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The past months have been dizzying, and at times, bewildering. Amidst continuous uncertainty, organisations are shifting to hybrid models of remote and face-to-face collaboration.

Online meetings are here to stay with us for a while yet. But there is a widespread belief that we are limited online, that we cannot create the same connection as face-to-face. That it must be less fun. That we cannot prevent people from disengaging. That conflicts cannot be properly addressed that way.

All of these are limiting beliefs which have been proven wrong. Online meetings can be intentional, interactive, fun, energy giving and most of all: productive.

Are you curious? We invite you to bring your team and figure out how to build productive relationships, spark ideas, and engage everyone with ease in a virtual meeting. From a handful of people to a group of 100.

To support you in working as a remote team, staying connected and delivering results, we have created a short webinar which will allow you to discover what is possible for a virtual team. Together will explore:

HOW you can continue to deliver value to your clients

AND work as a team

AND individually respond to the unfolding impact of the crisis on your lives

WHILE working remotely.

Book a tailor made 2 hour exploration of this question with your team in our interactive webinar.

  • Discover the power of the collective intelligence.

  • Experience first hand how to co-create solutions in a powerful virtual meeting.

  • Leave knowing how to engage and energise everyone in your team.