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Chances are with the arrival of summer, (sincere sympathy for all our Irish and antipodean readers), you are going to be taking a little time off over the next 2 months and spending a little more time with family and friends.

What if this time allowed you to chill out, check out AND deepen your relationship with those most important to you?

We have a challenge for you: Take Reboot’s 5 day self-paced course on listening:

What to expect

You will receive a daily email which includes three things:

  • An article that serves as a powerful morning orientation.
  • Links to a few simple resources for reflection, reading or listening.
  • An exercise designed to help you explore the topic during the course of the day.

It will prompt you to explore questions of listening in the context of your day and to discover what is possible when you listen from a place of silence, awareness and curiosity.

What we love about it

This course is short, and focused, and it will enhance your experience of time and people that you already care for deeply. Imagine a summer which restores you and simultaneously allows you to grow and nurture those around you.

And better yet, it will allow you to more powerfully serve your team and organisation when the days shorten and the sweaters come out again.

With this course, you’re in control of your time: you can listen to everything, and read it all, or you can just take what resonates most and run with it.

Why it matters to leadership in organisations

Jerry Colonna and his colleagues strive to deepen our ability to connect with ourselves and with others. Why? Because leadership happens in relationship with one another. To create meaningful relationships, you need to get out of your own head and open yourself to what is happening for others: their thoughts, feelings, emotions; the complex world they are living in at the exact same time that you are living in yours.

Summer is a great time to practice the art of being present, and listening with full attention is a testament to presence.

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