No purpose, no impact
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At Choose Leadership, we always start from Purpose. Be it in our work with individuals, teams, or organisations. The reason is simple:

Without a purpose, our clients drift.

Purpose is the ultimate WHY – the reason for which something is done or created. When leaders don’t connect to why it really matters, they might well decide to have the important conversation, or finally make that important decision. But then urgent things get in the way. They end up distracted, and … drift. 
That’s why purpose must come first.

Circumstances get in the way in many shapes and forms, and even more so when we are (un-)consciously avoiding something.

Do you recognise that pattern in yourself?

For leaders, the cost of drifting is that circumstances determine their daily actions, and undermine their long-term strategy.

In fact, drifting leaders don’t really lead.

They are not creating and responding in a self-authored way, but instead they are constantly reacting to circumstances. Without a clear sense of purpose, they lack direction. They cannot enrol others, because they neither offer reliability nor anything of substance to align around.

The consequences are severe:

  •    disengagement that cripples teams or whole organisations,
  •    inertia in the face of a disruptive market place,
  •    burnt out leaders whose replacement sends a sigh of relief through their organisation.

The opposite of that are leaders who engage and empower their people. Leaders who courageously respond to new challenges without losing sight of their purpose and the direction it points them to.

That, in a nutshell, is why we start from purpose when we work with individuals, teams, and organisations.

We support you

  •    in finding and connecting to your personal vision and values,
  •    in aligning your people around your organisation’s vision and values
  •    in embedding your vision and values into your organisation’s culture.

At the end of the day, a culture that makes its organisation’s vision and values come to life is what differentiates market leaders from organisations who perish. Companies which successfully bring vision, values, and culture together are the ones with the most agile, aware and creative people.

Agile, aware and creative people plugged into your organisation’s vision and values, are your best bet for emerging strongly from any market disruption.

Choose Leadership helps organisations create a culture that serves their purpose and makes them thrive.

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