Let’s Co-create your Online / Hybrid Event
Lead Coach and Facilitator at Choose Leadership | Working with Purpose Driven Leaders and Organisations

Too many conference organisers start with content and speakers, rather than tuning into the community they invite to the event and tapping into an inspiring vision of the experience they want to create.

Participants end up experiencing a disintegrated conference, cherry pick a few talks that sound mildly interesting, and are more on their phones than making new connections. What an extraordinary outcome after  all the work you put into your event, that most people leave it dissatisfied and none the wiser.

What if your participants were your ambassadors: for your message, for the energy you create, for your vision?

Think of it: Before the first participant arrives, 90% of the quality of any kind of gathering is already determined. You as the host have great power and influence over your event.

We’re here to help you wield your power! You have it in your hands to:

  • Create a space of connection and shared purpose.
  • Make everyone feel welcome and included.
  • Deliver a memorable and “must participate again” event.

Are you struggling with any of these? 

We’re here to help you be intentional in the design of your event to ensure it creates the impact you and your participants desire. 

If you’re planning your division’s annual conference, we’re here to help you make it remarkable.

If you’re planning a community event, we’re here to help you from the vision to the delivery of your event.

Whatever gathering you have in mind, we will help you create connection and meaning for your participants.

Here’s how we work.

We co-create with you. We don’t design your conference for you. We design it with you.

To help you create a remarkable event, we start with honing your vision for the event and help you create an integrated participant experience.

We build sessions dedicated to connecting, sense-making and co-creating.

We facilitate interactive sessions and can be your MCs for the event.

Our services are tailored to your needs. 

Get in touch with us for a complimentary conversation to discover

  • What you want
  • Where you are in the conference design process, and
  • How we can help. 

On Friday, 5 November we will offer complimentary 45 minute consultations to help you make your conference remarkable. There are a few spots left. First come, first serve.

For leadership coaching and developement, get in touch

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