Grounded Visionaries

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela

We cannot afford to leave creating a better future and healing our broken systems to the young.

The world needs you to step up to lead the transformation of business, society and self that the world needs to undergo today. Our quality of life, and indeed life itself, depends on this transformation.

Today’s problems call for courageous leadership within large and small businesses, in our communities, in governmental and non-governmental organisations alike.

We know you are out there. Come out from behind your desk and show yourself.

This is your time!

Whole public systems are broken…

Whole industries are waiting to transform or die…

Communities need to be rebuilt within business and society…

You have had enough from lonely leading. You are ready to step into enrolling others, empowering them to step up, and finding allies with whom you align around what you see as possible to create.


Here’s to the leaders

To the leaders who are hungry for doing something for the greater good of all people and the environment.

The courageous who want to transform the very systems they are co-creating every day.

The hungry ones who have achieved all and more and now wonder: Is this it?

The determined who want to leave a more impactful legacy in service of others and not just financial wealth and status for themselves and their families.

Here’s to the realistic dreamers who operate from a place of agency.

You are not alone.

We offer a programme of retreats which allow you to:


Become ever clearer about your vision, path, and allies


Build lasting connection to fellow grounded visionaries


Become an effective change leader


Realise your vision, step by step


Make time to think and exchange ideas with other change leaders


Grow your resilience


Plan turning your idea into reality

Bring your vision into the world and transform your community or industry.

Location: Ireland


Length: 3 weeks over one year


in-between individual coaching


in-between peer to peer exchange

This is your time. The world needs your vision and the impact it can create.

Shift from waiting for someone else to step forward to bringing your vision into the world.