From Purpose To Impact

What’s the impact you want to have in the world?

When you are connected to yourself, people connect to your sense of mission in the workplace.

When you are engaged and purposeful, your true self shows up, and people find it easier to connect with you

When you are plugged in and turned on, your energy has a bigger impact on the world.

This workshop is for you, if you seek to

  • Engage others in meaningful work, aligned around a powerful stake
  • Shift from investing in a job or a career to making a difference in the world through your work
  • Create more connection with and more powerfully influence the people in your world

Shift from managing your circumstances to creating the life you want.

In the workshop you will

  • Explore your compelling purpose and values
  • Discover the impact you already have and want to consciously create in the world
  • Face the limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Start the journey of bringing your purpose into the world by creating from a community of purpose driven leaders
  • Create structures to support you post-event in moving from purpose to having a real impact in your world

Plug into your purpose and turn circumstances into opportunities.


Length: 1 full day

Location: Virtual

You deserve to live life connected to meaning and purpose.