Don’t let limiting beliefs drive your car
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Each petal of this turquoise plants stands for one part of the system.

Repeating something over and over again doesn’t make it true. One of the ‘truths’ I keep hearing is this:

“People are weary of change.”

Admittedly, I have said it too!

Codswallop! People make and embrace dramatic changes all the time. As a species we would not procreate were it not for people’s appetite to step into the monumental and irreversible transformation of becoming a parent.

What’s intriguing, though, are all the changes that people profess they truly want to make. They sometimes even start something. They feel great about it. And then they fall back to the status quo within a short period of time. This is as true on a personal level as it is on an organisational one. 

Three years of agony and the inability to act

I have a friend who wanted to quit his job for three years. He was constantly agonizing about the work, but whenever he was just about to quit, he suddenly found excuses. THREE years of agony and the inability to act! 

Crazy? Not really. Most of us all have areas in our lives where we cannot seem to move forward in the direction of what we wholeheartedly want. The truth is that my friend did NOT wholeheartedly want to jump into the unknown, no matter how miserable he was in his current situation. Else he would have handed in his resignation in a heartbeat.

The battle between the heart and the mind

Wholeheartedly means to be fully on board. With every fibre of your being.

Instead, my friend was of two minds. He wasn’t ‘fully in’, because his limiting beliefs plagued him, suggesting that it’s not safe to quit his job and that what might comes after could actually be worse.

  • Doubts that equally well paying jobs in his area of expertise are out there
  • Doubts that anyone would want to employ someone over 50
  • Doubts that he might not be good enough and better stay safe but miserable where he was

Making peace

Are you experiencing an inner battle in any area of your life, where you know what you want to change, but where fear and doubt are holding you back?

Are you confused as to what you want and lack the clarity of what’s next for you?

Do you find yourself unable to come to an important decision, because pro and con go back and forth in your head like a never ending tennis match?

Then perhaps it’s time for you to take a closer look at the inner struggle and make the unconscious conscious. Rather than trying to suppress your thoughts or feelings or getting angry at yourself, Parts Work coaching can help you to resolve the inner conflict which holds you back. And once that conflict is resolved, clarity and courage emerge effortlessly. 

If that makes you curious, schedule a complimentary coaching session with me where we can explore the parts which are currently sitting behind the steering wheel of your life.

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