Complexity and getting out of feeling stuck
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One of my favourite ways to work with clients who are navigating complex contexts is through “balance” coaching. Co-active balance coaching is about finding and standing in perspectives which serve the client – perspectives which create possibilities, rather than being constrained by restrictive circumstances.

“Do you have your circumstances, or do your circumstances have you?”

Balance coaching is about supporting coachees to “live a life in action, aligned with their compelling vision.” Ultimately, balance coaching involves:

  • Exploring perspectives outside of the one the client is stuck in at this moment
  • Choosing a perspective that serve the client best
  • Creating a strategy from that new perspective
  • Generating commitment, and
  • Getting to action

The balance process is the antithesis of being stuck or paralysed by fear, or mindlessly reacting to events. It is the land of conscious choice.

The next time that you wonder if someone is caught in their perspective, consider asking them:

  • What’s another way of looking at this?
  • How do you deal with … adversity, obstacles, setbacks, … when you are in the zone doing your favourite sport?
  • How could you be wrong and the other person right?
  • What’s the opportunity here?
  • What is the fear that is underneath the surface?

It often only takes one open question to get someone shift out of the fight, flight, freeze zone they are in when they are feeling stuck in complexity.

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