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As you’re packing your bags for the long awaited summer holidays, you might wonder what to read. And we recommend treating yourself to an epic novel that has no other value than to delight you. It’s the holidays after all! However, if you want to use a bit of your time to become a more effective leader, then we’ve got a list of fun reads for you.

Do you wonder about how to become a more successful change leader?

Are you asking yourself how to turn that team or organisation of yours around? Then check out these two books which present thorough research through memorable stories. What’s more, they make the link between personal change and organisational change:

Are you seeking to be an effective leader in a complex world?

Then here’s our two favourites. Both books are lean and packed with actionable insights:

Would you like to become a better coach to your team members?

If you wish to empower them to rise to their best form, then we recommend these two books on coaching to you:

What we love about these books

Each and everyone of these books offers excellent content and is a fun read. They all captured our attention from the start.  

Why they matter to you as a leader in an organisation 

These books help you to move yourself and others for the common good. With small interventions that catalyse big change. They help you make sense of the ever more complex environment in which you lead. And they support you in adapting your leadership style to what the present moment needs from you.

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