Are you weary of change?
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You’re not alone. The very leaders who need to drive change in their organisations are getting weary of imposing yet another change initiative on their organisation. They are afraid that their organisation has gone through too much change in the past years. They worry that people are tired of it. In conclusion, they face a conundrum:

They shy away from introducing the change that needs to happen now.

Staying nimble demands constant change

Yet as a leader you have no choice: In the light of growing pressure from external forces, you have to make sure your organisation adapts and stays nimble. And that means constant change.

So when our clients share this concern with us, we take a closer look with them. We explore together why they are stuck with the change they want to create. As every situation and executive team is unique, their challenges are unique too, and so are our approaches to meet those challenges.

An alternative approach to the “change initiative”

But there are a few shifts in approaching change that you might find helpful in your situation:

First, lead the next change initiative with questions. Share what you don’t know. Invite those you lead to propose answers based on their experience.

Second, design small, safe-to-fail experiments. Let go of the big change initiative approach. It doesn’t cut it anymore in our complex and fast moving world.

Third, look closely at what happens next. Use any failure and any success to learn about your next small step in quest of an emerging future that you cannot yet foresee.

Small changes can shift organisations faster into the desired direction than large initiatives. They give you real time feedback and save you time. Thus, you stay nimble in your endeavour to adapt to your complex environment.

Are you wondering what’s blocking the change you want to create? Then get in touch with us!

We’ll explore together what keeps you stuck. And building on that we create tailor made interventions to help you get moving again.

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