Clarity comes from Engagement
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The 13th Annual Tapping World Summit 2021 had a few interesting interviews this year. And one of them was with Marie Forleo, the marketing lady who is known well by many budding entrepreneurs.

Here is a tip of hers that stuck with me. It works for everyone who procrastinates because procrastinators think they have to perfect it before sharing any idea:

Rather than thinking everything through to be safe, go out and bounce your ideas and thoughts off other people.

In short:

Clarity comes from Engagement.

Rather than trying to look smart by having it all figured out, go out and let others know how much you value their expertise, their perspective, their creativity.

This is something I wish I did much more.
This is something I know others shy away from, and it slows them down.
This is something that within the office could spark off so much co-creation which is the antidote to silos and harmful competition.

As a leader, you have the power to create the space for engagement.

You can model bouncing unfinished ideas off of your team. You can invite others to do the same.

So go and create that space.

A day when you manage to do only that is a great day for you as a leader.

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