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At the Conscious Capitalism Conference in Berlin, I was inspired by not just a few, but by all of the speakers who have shared their personal and organisational journey towards Conscious Capitalism.

They are all leaders who have built and rebuilt amazing businesses: businesses that strive to be inclusive, beneficial, fair, and transparent towards all stakeholders, including shareholders. They consider their company’s higher purpose as everyone’s boss, regardless of position within the company. They are striving to build a culture of conscious leadership, serving the greater good, throughout their company.

The backdrop to many talks, which was most clearly expressed in the energising break out session with Whole Foods Learning and Development Coordinator, Tom Henry, was the importance and challenge of taking responsibility for what we co-create each day. As we all spend considerable time in reactive states, we need to find our personal way of recovering back more quickly into creative states.

Stepping out of responding to perceived threats, and into creating a better reality is the personal journey we are all on, and which never ends.

Where does our journey start?

The beginning of everything is to know our higher purpose in this world. And when we have it, to communicate it to those we interact with.

It is through our purpose and our values that we connect deeply to others.

We can fully see them, and be fully seen by them. Thanks, Tom Henry, for reminding us of that. A surge of energy, of connection, and of creativity in service of a thriving community, business, and humanity lie on the other side of that vulnerable act of sharing who we are and what is our purpose in this life.

If you have missed this conference, here’s the great news: All of the talks have been recorded, and are generously shared by the conference conveners with those of you who could not make it to Berlin. A special thanks to Regina Brand, Meike Nittel, and most of all to Jan Bellermann, whose drive and generosity have pulled me strongly to be part of this amazing gathering.

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