What’s bigger than your fear?
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What’s your purpose in life and work?

Eh, … my purpose?

Perhaps you have no idea what that even means.
Perhaps you’re satisfied with your life as it is. Why dig deep when everything is good?
Perhaps you have purpose-envy, and long knowing yours. What’s holding you back?

In case you’re lost in translation: I mean your life’s purpose, your personal mission of what you want to contribute, that which gives you meaning. Your Why You Are Here.

Why does purpose matter?

There are many reasons. One is leading a fulfilled life. When people go through life without purpose, they drift and merely react to situations, events, and people.

Instead of choosing consciously, people without a calling fall into an education and career that may or may not serve them.

They may or may not end up stuck in an unfulfilling career or marriage, without seeing a way out.
Another reason for living a life on purpose is to become a leader whom others look up to. And we cannot drift and lead at the same time. Others won’t buy into our vision if it is not honestly grounded in who we are and what we stand for. And they know if we do or don’t come from purpose. It’s simple:

We cannot lead others, if we cannot lead ourselves.
What’s holding you back from tapping into your life’s purpose?

Here are three common sources of life purpose stuckness:

  • the fear of overshadowing others

  • the fear of eliciting criticism and ridicule

  • the fear of upheaval: Once you know it, you cannot unknow it, and it might call for drastic change.

Mastering our fears is the territory of the Leader Within.

And mastering does not mean overcoming, instead it means being able to do and be what we want despite of our fear. So here are a couple of questions to ask yourself if you want to step through your fear and into your life’s purpose:

What’s bigger than your fear?
What’s so important that you will take the risk of sharing it with the world?

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