The Co-Active Paradigm Shift
Leadership Coach, Front of Room Leader and Systemic Change Guide

At Choose Leadership, we firmly ground our work in the co-active approach – when we are in conversations with each other or our clients, when we design our leadership programmes, when we co-facilitate workshops, and when we coach individuals or teams.

Our work and lives have been transformed through CTI’s experiential coach training, followed by a challenging leadership programme.

Both experiences have shed a light on our blind spots, have put us in touch with our deepest longing, and our daring. Along the way, we have created a strong community with people who don’t allow us to play small when we struggle, and who have our back.

We’ve been challenged to step up as leaders, to step into our lives’ purposes and commit to expressing them in the world.

One of the direct results is Choose Leadership and our commitment to play our part in the transformation of how people work and interact with each other to create the best possible impact in the world.

Today, we want to celebrate and share CTI’s re-launch from a coaching and leadership training provider into the Co-Active Training Institute. Undoubtedly, it will lead the way to the spreading of the new leadership language just like it has led the way to the spreading of world class coaching since the 1980s.

How we approach creativity is an example for this new leadership language.

Being creative is widely understood as having ideas. You either have them, or not.

In the language of co-active leadership, being creative means to be the CREATOR of your world, to fully express yourself.

It includes the art of recovering from reactive states back to the power of creation and growth for ourselves and others.

Everyone can choose to be creative.
And everyone can choose to be a leader, at any time.

If you are interested to learn more about how co-active could transform your life and organisation, talk to us, or have a look at CTI’s new website

For leadership coaching and developement, get in touch

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