Leadership 2.0: Aware, Agile, Human
Leadership Coach, Front of Room Leader and Systemic Change Guide

We need to expand our understanding of leadership to adapt to the needs of our times.

To be a coactive leader means to be agile, aware, and human.

Being agile allows us to act in an instant when we sense what’s needed in a room. That room, organisation, or society will need different things at different times:

– to (re)connect to a shared vision,
– to hear the elephant in the room named,
– to get from a tired being-talked-at to an energetic co-creative meeting.

To sense what’s needed in this present moment, we must grow our ability of separatating our own from the collective needs. To broaden our field of awareness, we need to practice listening:

– listening deeply and with curiosity to those around us and to our own mental chatter,
– listening beyond the factual level, in a mode of observe, observe, observe,
– listening for what wants to emerge and is in need for us to stand in its service.

As human leaders, we show up with the courage to be our authentic selves. The courage to have the uncomfortable conversation:

– when we don’t know what’s the best move, although we are the top of the hierarchy,
– when relationships turn sour or stale, and get in the way of living our vision,
– when we need to say no in order to free the space for what we want to say yes to.

The reward of being a coactive leader is to be in connection with ourselves, and those we serve, and to live our dreams of creating the better future that we want to leave behind as our legacy.

What would be possible for your organisation if people showed up more agile, aware, and human?

Choose Leadership helps organisations create a culture that serves their purpose and makes them thrive.

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