Are you below the line or above the line?
Leadership Coach, Front of Room Leader and Systemic Change Guide

Inspired by Tom Henry from Whole Foods, the world’s pioneer and largest natural foods supermarket chain, we watched the Conscious Leadership Group’s video location, location. It visualises a key leadership skill: Staying creative. Becoming aware when in an unconscious, triggered and reactive, state. And finding our way back to the creative state which is at the heart of leadership.

Location, location is a simple-to-apply overview of the thoughts and attitudes which lead us astray from being the best leader we can be.

It’s a guide for how to get back to being fully present to the people and tasks in front of us.

To become a fully present leader, we need to accept and pay attention to our natural fight, flight and freeze responses to the world. One way or another, we all struggle with that. It’s pointless to try and suppress it, because it is hardwired into our brains.

What’s important is to learn and practice recovering swiftly.

That may not always be easy. And before learning how to get out, we need to understand how we get in to our “boxes”: What are our patterns of thought and emotions? Which habitual reactions do they trigger that we might not even be aware of? Hint: Those around you are very well aware of them, so ask them if in doubt.

Becoming conscious and transparent about our reactions is the first step back onto the leader’s map.

What are you aware of at this present moment?

Are you below or above the line? Are you in a space of “I don’t have enough time, money, energy”? Or are you in the creative zone, in flow, and energized?

Take a moment and ask yourself: Am I above the line, or below the line?

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