A Changemaker’s Guide to Designing for Behaviour Change
Leadership Coach, Front of Room Leader and Systemic Change Guide

As the year is winding down, we all look forward to a well deserved time of breathing, reflecting and perhaps planning. If you are anything like me, you will be thinking about what to read during the next couple of weeks, and likely picturing yourself with a cold or a hot drink in a comfy armchair, preferably near a fire place.

On my list for this year are books and articles on how to successfully create habits that serve us and on how to replace habits which don’t.

I am interested in this topic on an individual, an organisational, and the community level. Practicing better habits for creating change on an organisational level is a core piece of what we do at Change Leadership.

One of our biggest dreams and aspirations is to turn a multinational into a purpose-driven tribe, by bringing leadership and awareness of self and common good to everyone, from the shop floor to the executive offices.

But change for what? It’s important to be crystal clear and unambiguous about the destination, and the first steps of the path, when aiming to inspire and motivate others to co-create change.

If you are interested in how to lead behaviour change for social and environmental change in your organisation, then Majka Baur’s Behaviour Change Ebook might be just your christmas read. Concise, backed up by behavioural science, hands on with tools and worksheets to download, this Ebook is your blueprint to create the change you want to see.

And you can download it here: http://scaling4good.com/behaviour-change-ebook/

Enjoy! And happy holidays to you!

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